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随意开采石墨资源, 富人放弃穷人, 广泛的运作, and low management level are common.mining and processing are in a state of disorder.if according to the current mining method and speed,up to 20 years,the domestic proven graphite resources will be exhausted,at that time, china will import graphite at high prices from abroad,from a big graphite country to a graphite poor country.


because of its special structure, graphiteit has many characteristics such as high temperature resistance, thermal shock resistance, electrical conductivity, 润滑性 化学稳定性和可塑性 等等。“张斌告诉《中国经济周刊》,“如果石墨行业的格局没有改变,再过20年中国将没有石墨!"

由于储备占全国的60%,黑龙江省历来更加重视石墨。但是在国外加工和净化然后再进口到中国之后,价格已经变成100000至200,每吨000元。21世纪将是石墨的世纪。 “没有国内下游制造商的实力,原材料出口没有定价权。张彬的远景规划是,打造中国唯一一个石墨全产业链生产和研发基地。引进领先公司增加投资,创建了一个全新的模型。张斌举了一个例子在我国,用于核电站的“各向同性石墨”几乎全部来自日本的东洋碳素。石墨具有广泛的应用范围。由此,张彬一举涵盖了中国石墨资源的五分之一。

as the theme of the 2010 nobel prize in physics,graphene (a new material with a single-layer sheet structure composed of carbon atoms,it can be obtained from graphite) to enter the application field.many scientists believe that this product is a revolutionary new material,will push the electronics industry into a new stage of development,leverage at least a hundred billion-level industrial chain.



”if china's graphite industry takes the low-end route,i am afraid that even the qualifications for hard labor are gone!"zhang bin, the rotating chairman of the china graphite industry association and the chairman of inner mongolia rixin group, is very worried about the current situation of china's graphite industry.he thinks,the importance of graphite for industrial development,better than rare earths.the national level should pay more attention to the transformation and upgrading of this industry.

as early as 5 years ago,zhang bin, who has been in the energy industry for many years,invested a huge amount of rmb 5.1 billion in graphite deep processing,at present, the scale of nissin group has grown to be the first in china's graphite industry and the second in the world.


at the same time,more chaos is also happening in the sales field,since most of them are sold as raw materials,the market order is chaotic and mutual bidding has become the norm,as a result, low prices of resources are drained overseas.

first victory in the whole industry chain model


liu jinzhu, secretary of the party committee of heilongjiang aoyu graphite group co., ltd., said in an interview earlier that: graphite primary products are exported at a price of approximately 3,000 yuan to 4,000 yuan per ton.but it is processed into an artificial heart valve,the price is as high as 120,000 yuan.

year 2011,张彬旗下瑞盛新能源与清华大学合作,开启了世界微晶石墨深加工的攻关之路,老年人研究微晶石墨在等静压石墨锂离子负极材料上的性质和应用,包围了国内空白。这方面还取决于国家和地方对行业的整顿以及对企业的严格准入。


zhou yu, an academician of the chinese academy of engineering, believes that because my country does not master the core technology of graphite deep processing,the advanced graphite processing technology is monopolized by a few countries such as the united states, japan and the european union.leading to the "low export and high import" of my country's graphite resources,the state of "purchasing instead of sourcing" has existed in foreign countries for a long time.


资料来源:万维网。在军事工业和现代工业的发展中,它一直是必不可少的重要战略资源, 以及高, 新的尖端技术。专家曾经预言20世纪是硅的世纪。同年与中科院山西煤炭化学研究所合作开展的高初始化石墨材料成为世界领先。有关部门要加大对石墨产业的支持,制定石墨产业的总体规划。

talking about the graphite industry,zhang bin believes that there is no shortage of funds,不缺市场,主要缺人才。 随后,张彬支出33亿元人民币,打造了一个中国石墨高新产业谷。保护开发石墨资源是当务之急。




the currently proven global reserves of natural graphite are approximately 71 million tons,among them, china's reserves are about 55 million tons,accounted for 77% of global reserves,ranked first in the world.however,it also accounts for more than 70% of global reserves,the same is the national strategic reserve resource,graphite is not as valued as rare earths.my country's graphite industry is not ideal,a raw material supplier who has been in the industrial chain for a long time.



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